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latest version  6/2/23

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Organize calls & text msgs, team collab.
Works together with your default call and SMS apps.

Combined view of calls & sms msgs Star call & text msgs add appointments to phone records / calls Filter appointments Team collaboration - calls & text msgs add tags to phone calls & text msgs records Mobile phone app - Review aggrigator Mobile - Pre-Create SMS text msg templates

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Mobile App - Call & SMS organizer

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Tag recent Calls & SMS
Note  Done  ●Doing  FllwUp


Add appointments.

߉Maps Driving route

Team CollabNew!

Autofwd record to team member.

Pics & Video

Attach pics/vid
Send to customer/client.
Auto Feedback

Easy SMS

Pre-written text msgs for
quick SMS collaboration.

Blank List

Hide phone numbers
you dont need see.


Add notes /reminders.
Easy backup CSV

All data resides within phone.
No personal data stored to cloud.

About BowHip    

If you own a business, hobby, or if you use your phone a lot (for Calls and Texting) you will love BowHip.
While phone call and text software are still designed around analog concepts, bowHip Mobile app offers a fresh enviorment for handling calls and text msgs.

Quick-tags allow sorting and Tasking calls & text-msgs.
Use bowHip for appointments, reminders, refferal & lead ledger, team collab, and quickMsgs.
BowHip interacts with your default Text App, Dialer app, & Calendar.
With bowHip Mobil app you can:
    ›  star ★recent calls & Sms-msgs
    ›  Task ✓Done Doing FllwUp Drop
    ›  Interact with Team & Calendar

  Add Appointments to caller and SMS records.
    —  link to ߉Maps, Calendar, and Team collab.

  Attach pics & vids to a record to send a customer feedback request.

  quickTags for self reminders, tracking referrals, and keep a refferal ledger.

  EasyMsgs send pre-written text msgs  similar to QKSMS

  Calendar Shows your Tags, Tasking, and  Appointments, added from bowHip.

Every day use    
 In addition to above use bowHip for phone shopping:
whether buying a phone,  computer,  pet,  shopping for insurance, as well shopping for Classifieds. You can tag calls/texts of a potential purchase/sell.
+Great for temporary contacts. ‮‭‬‭‎‍
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Mar 15, 2022
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Call Stats   - auxiliary App
05, November 2021

Team Collab
Appts: Quicktag phone record to send team member appoint data.

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